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competitor data collect icon pricing optimix

Competitor data collect

By collecting online and offline data, our clients gain a strategic knowledge of their competition, allowing them a stronger price positioning.

Web Data Collect

Extract fresh and comprehensive competitor’s data in your pricing database:
  • Collect shelf price data, promotions, stock shortages, delivery schedule, customer reviews, etc.
  • Configure collection frequency
  • Immediate integration for product matching

Scan In Store

For seamless :responsiveness during peak periods, our Scan In Store plug-in allows store teams to conduct price surveys at competing point of sales:
  • Operate in iOS or Android
  • Barcode and price capture based on photos
  • Create surveys
  • Follow up progress, control and validate the data collected
Product matching Optimix Pricing

Product Matching

Compare your competitors’ product catalog with your own so that you can guarantee the reliability of price simulations. This plug-in uses Artificial Intelligence to facilitate and lighten matching operations.


Our matching module is an ergonomic solution to facilitate and accelerate your product matching:
  • Match major brands or private label brands
  • Automatic matching proposal, based on text analysis and image recognition
  • Set up a workflow
  • Follow up progress, control and validate the data collected
  • Immediate integration of matching in Pricing
Range consistency orange icon pricing Optimix software

Range consistency

Maintain the range consistency of your product lines by automating the internal matching of your repository, using different kind of links.


Create product links and build up ranges:
  • Configure different types of link (volume, brand types, perfume, taste, size, color, etc.)
  • Create links and determine coefficients to define price corridors
  • Graphical visualization and analysis of ranges
  • Analysis of cannibalization between brand types
pricing strategy icon Optimix software


The Pricing plug-in allows you to define price positioning strategies in relation to your competitors, possibly under constraint. This plug-in also makes it possible to run simulations that can then be compared with each other, in order to guarantee a result as close as possible to the business target.

Build up your pricing workflow organisation

  • Company workflow Pricers, Catman, Management
  • Identification of competitors by category
  • Price positioning analysis
  • Measuring price sensitivity of categories
  • Identification of marketing levers impacting on the price

Build up your strategies

  • Fixing rules, processing and control
  • Import external data
  • Build up price package
  • Successive simulation and iteration
  • Analyze KPIs through personnalised dashboards
  • Manage several versions and follow up modifications
  • Evaluate the most relevant versions

Deploy production

  • Define automatic execution schedule
  • Simulated price control and alerts
  • Supervise and process history
  • Export validated prices to your back-office
modélisation et préviualisation

Modeling and forecasting

Create your pricing strategies with AI-based price performance algorithms.

Effective models to boost your price strategy

  • AI based models
  • Easy access to data analysts
  • Iteration simulation and version traceability

Implement our managed models as standard

  • Measure price elasticity of demand
  • Determine prices automatically
  • Analysis of cannibalization between brand types
  • Estimate the number of Price Ranking by categories