Unleash the power
of your Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain solution is dedicated to Forecast & Replenishment.
It optimizes inventory levels by predicting future demand and automating the replenishment process.

Our Supply Chain solution allows you to plan customer demand based on a detailed analysis of your past sales data. XFR is based on Artificial Intelligence and analyzes several models for you in order to propose the best one, thus allowing you to optimize your forecasts, reduce your stock levels and increase the availability rate of your products.

Forecast Accuracy*


level of inventory.

of breakages.

*Average Supply Chain ROI as reported by Forrester Research in 2022

Supply chain Solution for Retail

Sales history corrections

What would your sales have been if there had been no stock-outs ? In case of no promotion ?

Our supply chain solution relies on a sophisticated sales history correction allowing for accurate sales forecasts. Our solution distinguishes between stock-outs, promotional periods, exceptional sales and special events in order to forecast normal demand.

We automatically calculate promotional forecasts by considering each of the characteristics of your events.

Calculation of sales forecasts

How to anticipate customer requests ?

We automatically calculate the non-promotional forecast and the promotional forecast.

Each specificity of your products is optimized (seasonality, trend, etc.) and distinguished from the normal demand forecast thanks to our algorithm that selects the best forecasting model as well as the best parameters associated with your products and sites.

Our supply chain solution is a key point in your inventory management, allowing you to automatically anticipate future flows and thus easily plan all your resources.

Our supply chain solution is 100% customizable!

Manage your entire supply chain easily with our solution dedicated to retailers, which can handle up to 10 million product sites. With its innovative ergonomics, our solution integrates management by exception, “To Do List”, alerts as well as processes and scenarios. Rely on all the Best Practices of the market to optimize your Supply Chain!

Thanks to its intuitive and 100% customizable interface, XFR allows for a multitude of profiles and a clear distribution of views/tasks: category manager, forecaster, procurement officer, marketer, merchandiser, etc.

Each user can model their display preferences, their views and their list of operations to perform without any code. Unite your entire supply team around a single tool!

Optimization of the stock level

How do I optimize my safety stock ?

The more variable your sales rate is, the more frequent are the uncertainties. Order lead times and frequencies, shelf life, positioning of your offer or service rate objectives are all key elements in the optimization of stock levels. XFR allows you to reduce your stock levels and increase the availability of your products.

Projections Calculation

Does your warehouse allow you to receive and store your products?
Do your suppliers have the expected production capacity ?

Instantly visualize your activity projections (orders, receipts, inventory levels, etc.) on all levels of your organization. Get a 360° view of your entire supply chain ecosystem.

Stay ahead of the game

Our commitment? To project customer demand over your entire Supply Chain, taking into account each of your specificities (store, warehouse, e-commerce, Click&Collect, relay point, trade, etc.). Intended for advanced logistics organizations, our solution integrates all of your businesses and products for a simplified and fluid global process.




Ordering suggestions

When is the best time to order your goods ? How to optimize the filling of your trucks ?

We understand the challenges of your supply chain and the need to keep it moving forward. We model your entire logistics diagram to provide a reliable suggestion engine that meets all of your business requirements :


How to distribute your products to your different sites?

Our solution optimizes the distribution of your products based on the observed or forecasted performance of each of your sites. All the characteristics of your stores are taken into account (capacity, type of location, etc.) in order to maximize the flow of your products.