XPA, the latest Pricing version of Optimix

Modules XPA

Artificial Intelligence, BI, parameterization strength, computing power, SaaS, automation, … Focus on the strong points of the new version of XPA.

An “all in one” suite

XPA covers all your business issues : data collection, dashboards, range consistency, competition chaining, pricing strategy, elasticity, cannibalisation…

Get a detailed analysis of the key indicators of your pricing strategy.

A high level of setting

Optimix’s application solution allows the setting of all the methodologies of the brand : ergonomics, management rules, formulas, algorithms, processing, vocabulary.

Its internal validation workflow will allow for more fluid decision-making and operational reactivity between the target business lines (internal/external chaining, pricing strategy, etc.).

A reporting BI (Dashboard Design Studio) will facilitate the optimization of your strategic analyses.

Further integration of AI

XPA new generation integrates customizable Artificial Intelligence algorithms. It gives the possibility to automatically generate prices with constrained reasoning.

It allows to calculate price elasticity, to predict sales and to evaluate cannibalization between brands.

Processing capacity

This new version considerably reduces data processing time. With the “in memory” technology and the use of “Elastic Search” millions of product lines and stores are displayed in real time.

XPA, a suite in SaaS mode

Monthly subscription operation and invoicing is on a pay-per-use basis. No additional licenses are required.

The Optimix Support service will supervise the use of the suite.

Opt for a more reactive and efficient pricing strategy thanks to XPA.

A true guarantee of reliability, the ROI is noticed by our references and customers in only a few months.

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