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Optimix Pricing Analytics : a software suite covering 100% of pricing issues

Data Collect

Online data collect (Price scraping) and/or data collect in retail store (using a smartphone)

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Product Matching

Competitor's product matching (automatic matching proposal based on EAN or on a proximity score)

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Pricing Strategy

Conception, configuration and implementation of your pricing strategy

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Range Consistency

Create product links and configure different types of links (volume, brand types, perfume, taste, size, color, etc.)

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Instant analysis of your data thanks to custom dashboards.

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Data Collect

Data Collect

Online data collect (price scraping) and/or data collect in retail store (using a smartphone)
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Product matching

Product matching

Competitor's product matching (automatic matching based on EAN or products comparison based on a proximity score)
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optimix stratégie de prix price software pricing

Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy

Configuration and launch of your pricing strategy
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Range Consistency

Range consistency

Configure links between your own products, based on different conditions, such as volume, brand types, perfume, taste, size, colors, etc.
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Instant analysis of your data thanks to custom dashboards
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Instantly visualize your results in an integrated Business Intelligence module

Optimix pricing strategy's results display on computer screen

Powerful configuration to reach your organization requirements:

Sales price managed at point of sale level

National price

Centralized organization or not

Price ranking management

Cession price for franchisees

Optimix Pricing Analytis adapts to your context and your pricing strategy objectives.

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Artifical Intelligence serving your pricing strategy

Optimix Pricing Analytics involves Artificial Intelligence at each major step of price optimization:

Elasticity of demand

Cannibalization between products

Price optimization under constraints

Customized models developed in Optimix Pricing Analytics guarantee the optimization of your pricing strategy.

Guarantee of an immediate R.O.I.


Implementation within a few weeks:

  • Easy interface with your information system
  • Advanced configuration for maximum customization
  • User-friendly ergonomics
  • Complete and integrated pricing suite


Performance oriented functions:

  • Unlimited simulation capacity
  • Customized AI models to help you make better decisions
  • Advanced analysis of your KPIs in real time


Quality service for long term relationship:

  • A dedicated team for your projects
  • Sharing Best Practices
  • Pricing Expertise
  • Multilingual support

Optimix Pricing Analytics meets all your business profiles requirements

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category manager retail job picture Optimix

Category Manager

management control Optimix pricing tool

Control management

Investigator price pricing job retail store Optimix


General management picture retail

General management

Talk with an expert

Every day, our team helps retailers elaborate, optimize and launch their pricing strategy.

To improve reactivity and efficiency, the software suite Optimix Pricing Analytics is designed to be easy to apprehend, with a custom ergonomy and optimized processing times.

Our experts are at your disposal to understand your needs and define how our tool can help you improve your pricing strategy, and thus your turnover, margin, index and market share.

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